Hacks to Have Longer and Thicker Eyelashes


Eyelashes have a positive impact when it comes to protecting your eyes. Lashes protect them from dust particles, air-born germs, lint, etc. So, you need to take care of your lashes in order to take care of your eyes. You can apply a few simple tips to get faster eyelash growth, such as removing eye makeup before going to bed, applying essential oils to keep your lashes moist and nourished, etc.

If you want faster eyelash growth naturally at home, you can use essential oils that can work as the best eyelash growth serum and helps to keep your lashes healthy & stronger. In this blog, we will share some hacks that will help to boost your lash growth. Before that, you must know why your lashes fall and grow slow.

Reasons for Slow Eyelash Growth

According to the studies, there are many reasons behind your short lashes. Not removing eye makeup before going to bed can be harmful to your lashes, and it can be a reason for clogged pores, which leads to eyelash fall and can delay lash growth. Frequently using mascara for instant longer lashes can make them dry and brittle. Also, it can cause split ends and breakage. Besides this, harshly rubbing your lashes can pull out lash strands and can be a reason for slow lash growth.

Not getting enough nourishment can make your eyelash dry and unmanageable, especially in winter. Dry lashes can be a reason for excessive lash falling out and can stop your eyelashes from growing. The solution or glue used for applying lash extension may harm your lash follicles and can damage your lash strands. Using a curler is a good method to curve your lashes. Still, it can damage your lash strands, making them dull and dry.

Tips for Effective Eyelash Growth

You can gently remove your eye makeup before going to sleep, and it helps to protect your lashes from clogged pores and stimulate lash follicles & promote growth. Nourishment is essential when it comes to faster eyelash growth. You can apply natural ingredients that consist of essential vitamins and minerals. It can help to stimulate lash follicles and assist in producing new lash stands to make your lashes voluminous.

You can use natural oils to make your lashes thicker and darker. It can promote lash growth by stimulating eyelash follicles. If you are searching for the best lash growth serum that helps to keep your lashes longer and healthier, you can go through the MD Factor website. Here you can find several lash growth products that can support lash growth and fulfill the required amount of nourishment to protect them from dryness.

Hacks for Faster Lash Growth

Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil can be the best eyelash growth serum in your lash growth phase. It contains the goodness of essential fatty acids that help to provide nourishment to eyelashes and helps to stimulate follicles. This can be a reason to grow your lash faster and more effectively. The simplest way to apply olive oil to your lashes is by pouring it into an empty mascara bottle and applying it with a mascara wand.

Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is an essential element when it comes to hair growth and lash growth. It helps to deep condition your lashes and fulfills the required amount of moisture. Vitamin E oil strengthens your lash strand and protects them from excessive lash loss. The good part is the regular usage of vitamin E in your lashes can promote growth without any side effects. You can apply vitamin E at night and clean your lashes in the morning, and it can assist you in boosting lash growth in no time.

Nourish Them With Coconut Oil

Using coconut oil on your lashes is the best way to promote their growth. Coconut oil can protect your hair from dryness and split ends. So, it can also protect your lash from having a dry texture and make your lashes longer and thicker. Besides this, applying coconut oil can protect your lashes from excessive fall and provide a layer to your lash strands that can protect them from dust particles.

Brush Your Eyelash

Brushing your lash is an effective way to grow your lashes faster. Comb them can increase blood circulation, which helps to stimulate lash follicles and produce new lash strands. Also, brushing lashes can remove dust and debris and help to keep your eyelash clean and tidy. You can brush your lashes twice a day to see faster and more effective lash growth.


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