Here is Why You Need to Visit a Urologist


Urologists are professionals in the medical field who handle problems with the urinary system or the genital area. Both men and women can benefit from visiting a urologist as the practitioners can diagnose and treat various conditions. Itis common for people to avoid visiting a doctor, which isn’t advisable because a condition might escalate and get out of hand. Seeking treatment when it’s late will be costly, and the damage might be extensive. Therefore, it would be best to seek early intervention whenever you experience signs and symptoms of urology conditions.

Reasons to Seek an Appointment with a Urologist

You have a Challenge Controlling Your Bladder

Suppose you get an urge to relieve your bladder but often cannot hold it until you are at the restroom or urine leaks before you get to the toilet. In that case, you are suffering from the urinary continent, and it is advisable to visit a urologist Boise specialist. The treatment will depend on the diagnosis since there are several types of the urinary continent. People in their middle or old age are the most prone to it.

The most common reason for urinary incontinence is infections, and it is more prevalent in women than men. Bacteria can invade the urethra, kidney, or urinary tract. Sometimes, the bladder may not be full, but you feel the urge to urinate. It indicates urinary challenges and calls for a visit to a urologist. There are many reasons to have a frequent urge to urinate, and talking to a specialist aids in getting proper treatment for the condition.

Experience problems or pain when Passing Urine

The prostate enlarges as men grow older, creating problems or pain when passing urine. Also, bacterial infection or kidney stones can bring the challenge. However, a urologist will help identify the causing factor and prescribe medications for your treatment. They can help eliminate any discomfort you may be experiencing during urinating.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men. It is where one experiences the challenge of holding an erection, which affects sexual relations. If having such challenges, a urologist can offer an appropriate treatment. Besides erectile dysfunction, you should visit a urologist if you have a low sex drive or sperm count. The specialists can improve your sex life and help with infertility issues.

Kidney Problems

A painful kidney may be a sign of kidney stones. You may feel pain in the prostate, back, or lower abdomen. Whenever experiencing such symptoms, seek urologists to help prevent the problem from progressing. If left untreated, the damage can be extensive and irreversible. Also, it would help to drinklots of water to manage the condition before seeking treatment.

For Cancer Checkups

Prostrate cancer is common in middle-aged men, and it is vital to go for screening to identify the problem early. A urologist cancheck for lumps around the prostrate and employ other techniques to detect cancerous cells. Practitioners check the body’s PSA levels to detect prostate cancer or other causesif there are fluctuations.

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