5 Easy Low Back Pain Relief Treatments


Low back pain is a common problem. Studies have shown that many people in the United States will suffer from low back pain. The resulting chronic pain can become a real burden for people who work at a desk all day. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for low back pain. The following article lists five low back pain relief treatments you should know about. Continue reading to learn more about these back pain-effective solutions.


Many people choose to treat their low back pain with yoga. Yoga is a wonderful exercise for many reasons. For one thing, it helps improve flexibility, which is vital for everyone. It can also reduce stress and increase serotonin in your brain, which may help reduce the intensity of your low back pain. It’s also a fulfilling exercise that pushes your energy levels and promotes positivity.

Drying Back Massage

Drying back massage is one of the more unusual low back pain relief treatments. The treatment involves a partner moving their hands in a back-and-forth motion over a dry, hot heat source, like a sauna or infrared lamp. While it can sound odd, the motion of the hands encourages blood to flow out of the skin. This loosens the muscles and reduces inflammation, leading to improved pain relief. The massage can be applied daily for up to three months to speed recovery and reduce the risk of long-term damage.

Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening exercises are a category of self-care for people with low back pain. Because the back is a complex system, one of the hardest areas to work on, strengthening exercises can help a great deal. Strengthening exercises focus on the muscles that support the spine, like the ab dominals and pelvic floor. Working these core muscles encourages blood flow and nerve function in the area, making low back pain relief more likely.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises can also help with low back pain and improve your flexibility. Stretching the muscles that surround your spine encourages them to move more easily. This can help prevent excessive spasms and chronic pain. While it may look unrealistic to think that stretching can help with low back pain, the connection is real. When muscles are stretched, they encourage the body to release endorphins, which reduce pain. But not every exercise will help with low back pain. For example, trying to stand straight can make the pain worse. Therefore you need to seek the guidance of a reputable physical therapy  professional to guide you on the right exercises.

Using acupuncture

Last but not least, you can try using acupuncture for low back pain. Acupuncture involves inserting tiny needles at specific points on the body. The stimulation of these points encourages the release of endorphins and other hormones, reducing pain and improving your mood. The sessions should be done once a week for six weeks for best results.

The key is to find a treatment that you can stick to, even when you don’t feel like you have low back pain. Regularly practicing one of these treatments can speed up your healing process and reduce your risk of long-term damage.

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