5 important things to know about sex toys


Sex toys increase the joy and pleasure of sex, even if you’re going solo. We list 5 facts about them that you probably didn’t know.

They are always hidden away deep in a woman’s personal drawer, and nobody talks about it unless it’s in furtive whispers. And yet, sex toys fulfil many important roles in helping you realise your sexual destiny.

Are you curious about dildos, vibrators, cock rings and other paraphernalia of sexual pleasure? More to the point, do you want to experiment with them? We list the 5 important facts about sex toys that you probably didn’t know:

#1. The first vibrators were created to treat ‘female hysteria’!

A century ago, there was little medical documentation of the female orgasm. In medieval times, orgasms were considered to be the work of evil spirits infiltrating a woman’s body. Later, women experiencing orgasm were considered to be ‘hysterical’ and the prescribed treatment was to apply an electrical vibrator on their bodies till the waves of ‘hysteria’ ebbed away. It was only after the 1930s that the possibility of the orgasm being a sign of sexual pleasure began to be studied.

#2. You’re most likely to hit orgasm with a sex toy.

Sex toys like battery-operated dildos and electrical vibrators are designed primarily for clitoral stimulation. Women can experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation more than with vaginal stimulation. So, the chances of getting an orgasm through rhythmic pressure are much higher than with peno-vaginal or peno-anal or oral sex.

#3. It needs to be cleaned after EVERY use.

Most women who use sex toys are hardly likely to clean them frequently. This is a big mistake. The device comes in extreme close contact with the genital area, and bodily fluids latch on to them. These can dry and attract dust and microbes. The problem of contamination increases when you use lube with the sex toy and don’t clean it afterward. Always clean the device after each use.

#4. You can use them with lube.

Sex toys are great for use as they are, or they can be used with lube. The latter helps you explore different parts of the body while getting rhythmic pulses of pressure on the skin. If the device is to be inserted even partly inside the body, then lube makes the whole process easier with less friction and chafing.

#5. They can cure you of shyness and inhibitions.

The point of using a sex toy is to explore your sexuality and sensual zones of the body. You will be surprised by how the device unlocks hidden erogenous zones of your body while providing waves of pleasure with every use. Regular use of the toy can remove your inhibitions about your body, as well as make you aware of the best positions for sex to get you going. If you are shy about your body or relatively inexperienced about sex, then using a sex toy can certainly help you know more about yourself.

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