All about leg length discrepancy


Leg length discrepancy is defined as indifference between two legs that is one leg is longer than other leg which creates difficulty in day-to-day activities and effect their life. It is nothing but limb inequality caused due to few genetical and biological reasons.there are two major reasons due to which leg length discrepancy is caused, one is due to improper growth during child’s birth that is birth defect. And the other one is when the leg gets fractured and cannot be assembled again back to same position. The scientific name of this leg length discrepancy is “anisomella”. This uneven limb causes many physical problems like lower back pain, hip pain, cannot walk properly and do our day-to-day activities, this is discomfort not only to them but also to the people living along with them.

Treatment to leg length discrepancy:

For this disease there are two convenient leg length discrepancy treatment based on the frequency and stage of the ailment, both surgical and non-surgical treatments can be given to the patient. Chiropractic’s can help in curing this disorder by balancing the leg muscle, however if the patient learns to walk in such that is comfortable for him by balancing his body weight on all the parts of the body by not stressing at one part can help him not to suffer and do his activities on day-to-day basis.

Usually if it is by birth disorder, parents should identify it with the help of doctors and start treating their children, in this case tis disorder could be set by doing operational procedures and before they grow old, they can set themselves. Though every human body does not have same leg length for both legs, their would be some very tiny length gap between both of them which is negligible by body mass index and that person can maintain their body weight accordingly without suffering.

However, leg length discrepancy is caused due to:

  • Genetical disorder.
  • Paralytic disorder.
  • Physis disruption.

These are the main causes of this ailment.

Due to this disorder many other diseases are caused they are:

This is a disease were the knee joints ache a lot and people cannot manage themselves without medicated themselves, and in which exercising is very much important.

Back pain:

This can be seen in elderly people with less amount of leg length discrepancy, as they grow old the body’s weight couldn’t be managed by two legs properly resulting in imbalance of weight causing back pain.

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