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For health recruiters working in the U.S. right now, there is no denying that the talent market is difficult and has only been getting more difficult for a significant period of time. The reason for this is the so-called “job seekers market”, which refers to an excess of top talent relative to the vacancies that talent is to fill. This can have very many negative effects for recruiters, normally exacerbated by the recruiters who become desperate and begin to relax healthcare jobs requirements in order to attract potential recruits.

There are those recruiters who do not become desperate, but simply work harder to sell their institution to the very best talent on the market. Health Jobs, an online healthcare jobs recruitment service that offers, among others, physician jobs, note that this remains the best way to tackle the problem, and the best way to serve the people who matter the most – patients.

One means of tackling the talent shortage head-on without lessening the value of the healthcare you provide is to devote time and energy into selling the location of your healthcare institution. Not only does this avoid resorting to desperate tactics, but it also exploits a key feature of the market right now – healthcare graduates are, in more numbers than ever, willing to relocate for work.

Disparities in the strength of local job markets is another feature of the modern jobs market, and with this greater diversity has come a willingness for candidates to relocate to better local job markets. In a recent survey, over 85% of surveyed millennials said they would be willing to move for a job.

Selling Your Location

As any property expert will tell you, the exact way to sell a location is dependent on many specific factors relevant to the location itself. Nevertheless, selling relocation to healthcare job candidates does come with a number of techniques and tips that can be broadly followed in nearly all circumstances. Moreover, for the more specific stuff, you just need to ask yourself some questions.

These questions all revolve around the type of information you should provide (who you should present it to comes later). What should I emphasize about the location? What type of information will drive interest in ads? Why do healthcare workers relocate? And does my institution offer that? And so on.

A Matter of Emphasis

The truth is that, while there may be some commonalities, people relocate for diverse reasons. People relocate to both urban and rural locations, and those individuals are each seeking something different. So, it is a matter of targeting the healthcare candidates already predisposed to your location. If your healthcare institution is located in a bustling urban center, emphasize the vibrancy and opportunity of the location. If your institution is found somewhere a little on the quieter side, you should emphasize the value of getting away from the rat race (particularly attractive to some of the overstressed health workers of today).

The Aesthetic Dimension

As well as showing off the best side of your location in the descriptions of job postings, you should also remember to advertise the look of your institution as well. Curb appeal is incredibly important to advertising not only a job, but a new life in a different location. Candidates want to imagine themselves there before they actually go, and so taking some tips from the property industry and including plenty of photos and videos in your job postings is something that should never be neglected.

Today, it is vital for healthcare recruiters to get competitive. This is the reality of the modern healthcare jobs market.

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