Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Your Immune System


Immuno-health is always sure to be mentioned regularly when any new health trend is discussed. Concerning nothing less than your body’s ability to fight off infections and keep you well, it is naturally one of the most important things to consider whenever you are trying to put together a diet and living plan for better health.

The reason why heath products nearly always claim to be good for immune health is that the immune system is a complex biological system, involving the interaction ofvarious kinds of cells, proteins, antioxidants, lymph nodes, and hormones. It is nearly always the case that any health food you consume will benefit at least one part of your body which is in some way related to a well-functioning immune system. Accordingly, it can be pretty difficult to separate the health products that are truly beneficial to your immune system from those which only offer some tangential benefit.

Enter Hydrogen Water

One product of recent times which very certainly does benefit your immune system is hydrogen water. Synergy Science, a company specializing in hydrogen water and other health products, note that, above all of its other benefits, this is probably the number one reason why hydrogen water has been so successful. Hydrogen water is a comprehensive immune system booster; so much so, in fact, that it is worth setting out a list of all the different ways that hydrogen water can benefit your body’s immune system.

What is Hydrogen Water?

However, before we get onto this, it might be worth setting outin slightly more detailexactly what hydrogen water is. The name might sound a little funny.After all, doesn’t ordinary water contain hydrogen anyway? Of course, that is true, but the difference with hydrogen water lies at the molecular level. Ordinary water is composed of the molecule H2O – that is, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen – butimportantly, those hydrogen atoms are bonded to the oxygen. Hydrogen water also contains molecules of hydrogen that are not bonded to other molecules. It is from this that all the health benefits spring.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Your Immune System

Given that there are free molecules of hydrogen in hydrogen water (which is one of the smallest molecules in existence), it is easier for these molecules to be diffused into your body than the larger H2O molecule. This meansthe body is more effectively hydrated by hydrogen water.

This confers several benefits on the immune system, including:

Boosting The Natural Antioxidant Response

The hydrogen in hydrogen water can work with something called cell signaling. This means that the hydrogen molecules can interact with certain genes – turning them “on”, as it were – and allowing the body to fight diseases and infections more effectively.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when cells are damaged, or the body perceives a threat. Hydrogen water improves the antioxidant response, which reduces the amount of oxidative stress in the body. You can think of this as the immune system getting into a better equilibrium with its antioxidant production and the oxidization it has to combat. This means that excessive inflammation – which is an immune response – doesn’t happen so often.


When the body isundergoing inflammation, the immune system is working hard. Accordingly, it is under stress. If this is prolonged, then this added stress on the immune system causes the effects of ageing – which are a form of tissue deterioration – to happen quicker. Consequently, hydrogen water can help the body regenerate cells more efficientlyby reducing the stress on the immune system.

Truly, hydrogen water is one of those health products that is popular because it offers so much.

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