Chronic Illnesses That Some Famous Celebs Have


Celebrities with Chronic Conditions You May Not Know

Every day, around 133 million Americans live with a chronic condition; that is almost half the entire population of the United States. Among them, 30% are severely limited in their activities because of the situation they have. There are a vast number of illnesses that have yet to be found a better cure or treatment, and that’s why there is always a call for healthy participants in clinical trials in different research centers. That is an important factor that can help change the lives of millions for the better, even as they struggle with diseases that many may not have enough awareness about. However, chronic illness does not discriminate and even hits some of the brightest stars to grace our media.

These celebrities continue to cope with conditions that still need more awareness, research funding, and the participation of individuals in trials in the hopes of eradicating these illnesses for good. Here are some faces you are sure to know that shed light on some conditions.

Lady Gaga – Fibromyalgia

In 2017, the singer-actress was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which is not easily diagnosed and causes intense and chronic pain. It directly affects the muscles and tissues of the body, causing aches and making any form of touch painful during a flare-up. Five million Americans have the same condition. Treatment is still being developed as there is no known cure, and only the symptoms can be remedied temporarily with medication and low-impact physical therapy.

Sarah Hyland – Gout, Endometriosis, and Kidney Dysplasia

Sarah Hyland belongs to the 81 million people who unfortunately have to deal with multiple chronic conditions. Often, these affect each other’s development. Among these conditions are what is coined as “invisible diseases,” which makes it difficult for other people to be more mindful and caring for the individual because they do not see the physical effects it has on the person. Despite that, it causes a lot of health issues and should be treated seriously.

Pete Davidson – Crohn’s Disease

The comedian is often called out for his seemingly problematic weight and disposition. Still, many don’t know that he has Crohn’s Disease, which causes painful inflammation in the digestive tract. It causes weight loss, fatigue, abdominal fatigue, and even inflamed eye areas, among other symptoms.

Selma Blair – Multiple Sclerosis

Usually shortened as MS, this disease affects the central nervous system, particularly the spinal cord and brain. Its effects on the nerves cause damage to vision, speech, and coordination. It can develop over time, and one of its most frustrating factors is that there are periods of relapse with new symptoms coming in. Blair has been noted to say that it can feel worse even when you feel like you’re getting better.

Michael J. Fox – Parkinson’s Disease

Arguably the most known type of chronic condition on this list, Parkinson’s can manifest differently per person and is categorized into mild and severe distinctions. Usually, though, people see motor functions affected even though it also affects the autonomic and psychological aspects of the individual. Fox was diagnosed in his late 20s and has since started a fund advocating for it.

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Knowing more about these chronic conditions that affect many around us and we may not realize can help in the efforts to find cures and better treatment. Whether we help spread correct information or proactively join in clinical trials, there is hope yet that answers can be discovered as even the brightest stars become the faces of the fight.

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