How Parents Influence Their Child Without Noticing


Behaviors You Don’t Realize Your Child Copies from You

We often hear parents say their child is their mini-me, and that rings true for more than just their appearances. Children are perceptive, much more so than they are often given credit for. With that, they tend to emulate their parents’ actions, beliefs, and personalities. Although we know how to avoid swearing and being lude in the presence of younglings, there are still a lot of things they pick up on that we may not notice.

Here are some of the less obvious things your kids may be getting from you.

An aversion to the dentist

Six in ten adults are still afraid or feel averse to going to the dentist. Even those who aren’t scared of the procedures end up being fearful of the possible expenses. Many of those surveyed said their fear of the dentist started while they were young. So while your child is young, it is the perfect time to get them used to going and getting the dental care they need. To make them feel more at ease, reach out to a pediatric dentist. Several dental clinics cater specifically to kids; they have friendly staff and an environment that isn’t too intimidating.

On your part, try to show that you don’t mind getting dental procedures, as most children will look onto their parents to gauge whether something is scary. If you make it fun or, at the very least, nothing to be afraid of, they will develop these good habits early on.

Specific ticks with how you do things

Every person has their own little quirks, and sometimes we do something out of habit, comfort, or just plain procrastination. A study of children across different cultures showed, however, that children will copy anything an adult does step-by-step even if some of those steps are unnecessary or unhelpful. So it may be wise to be mindful of how you go about your business when the kids are around in eyeshot.

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It can cover anything from little things like flipping your spatula before you use it for cooking to more possibly questionable actions like skipping the soap when you wash your hands or even flicking your hands around to dry them. It can be anything mundane, but it can lead to less than desirable habits that could be avoided.


The way you react to your child will carry over to how they behave in general. It carries over to how you feel about yourself and how they perceive this from you. If you are confident and have the right attitude about your strengths and weaknesses, it is more favorable for your child to pull from this. In turn, it also directly affects what you project onto your children and how they eventually develop their emotional ground on who they are and how their parents are.

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Parenting has a lot of twists and turns that can affect our children significantly. However, by being mindful of how our children see us, we also end up being better for ourselves and possibly living more prosperous lives.

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