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Living a healthy life is not only about being wealthy. It should be living in a healthy lifestyle; no physical aches, pains, and illness. In this busy world, it is expected that a person might get sick, get injured, or any cause of deformity physically. Thus, these are only simple health problems that can become serious if left untreated. Most of the people decide to undergo a medication through taking surgery of drugs. These can be good ideas, but there is another good idea and safe to take over taking synthetic such medicines. Also, there is no need for anyone to undergo surgery if a professional physiotherapist can treat the problem. Different physical therapies for physiotherapists courses Melbourne offered classes teaching different methods or treatments.

What is physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a treatment of deformity, disease, or injury using different methods such as exercise, heat treatment, and massage rather than surgery, drugs. Physiotherapy is a kind of physical therapy that treats and regains healthiness in the body. A professional physiotherapist does these methods. Good idea that possible treatments like these can get rid of your body from any oral medication.

What physiotherapist do?

A physiotherapist helps people suffering from illness, disability, or injury through the following:

  • Exercise and movement
  • Manual therapy
  • Advice and education

Physiotherapists maintain health for people (all ages). They help patients to prevent disease and manage pain. They are not called pain killers, but they are the experts when it comes to pain treatment. Also, they can help regain any physical deformation caused by injury or caused by illness.

Are physiotherapists doctors?

Many people get confused about physiotherapists. Some people considered them doctors, but some are not. The topic has been controversial, which must not be an issue to argue. As long as these professionals can offer treatment for a particular disease, injury, or disability, they are still experts. They help people who are in severe pain, even helps to treat disease. But, many have said that they are not doctors. So, they must not be called doctors. To clear things out, physiotherapists can put the prefix “Dr.” to their name. The fact that they are under the paramedical stream, they still have the right to use the said prefix. But, there is a condition before putting such a prefix. A physiotherapist needs to finish doctorate before they can make use of the prefix Dr. Registered medical practitioners are the only ones to can be called a doctor and can use the prefix Dr. with their names. Clear to speak, a person who has finished a degree course in the field of physiotherapy are considered doctors. The same with teachers who have graduated master’s degree courses, they are also called doctors in their teaching field.

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