Getting the best out of your Nebulizer Compressor


The past few years have witnessed an increase in asthma rates. This is particularly noticeable in major metros which are plagued by rising pollution levels along with other irritants. Asthma is a serious problem which has a negative impact on the person’s life. However, there are certain medications and medical equipment like the nebulizer machine that can make the life of people suffering from asthma much easier. But many people face problems while using their nebulizer compressor and complain that with time it becomes less effective. Here we list out some tips that will help you get the best out of your nebulizer compressor.

Regularly check the inlet filters

Whether it is a nebulizer machine for kids or for adults, the inlet filter is amongst the important parts as it ensures the flow of clean air. However, with constant use the effectiveness of the filter may decrease and there will be difficulty in the smooth flow of the air to the compressor. Therefore it is important that you should regularly check the condition of the filter. In case you find any change in the colour, immediately replace the filter with a new one. Even if you do not find any discolouration, change the filter every month or once in two months.

Medication cups

Before you purchase medication cups, it is important to check which ones suit your requirements. Many people prefer using disposable medication cups. These last for a week or at the most two weeks. But it is advisable not to use them beyond two weeks and get them replaced. If you are looking for long lasting medication cups then you can opt for the ones that have been manufactured with high-quality plastic. These medication cups have a lifespan of around five or six months.

Air passage should not be restricted

If the air passage is restricted then the nebulizer compressor will not work to its full potential, causing problems for the user. It is important to ensure that the passage is free from dust. Pollutants and irritants can hamper the functioning of the nebulizer which will ultimately have a negative impact on the treatment of the patient.

Ensuring cleanliness

Make sure to clean the nebulizer after using it. First dismantle the nebulizer. Now thoroughly wash the various parts of the nebulizer. For this you can use hot water. However, do not put the finger valve and tube in the hot water to avoid damage. Before you reattach the nebulizer, ensure that there are no traces of water on the parts. Now that the compressor is completely dry, you can store it at a safe place.

Just like other medical equipment like medipore tapeand medical plaster tape, the nebulizer is also a very effective machine. But, if you want to get the best out of the nebulizer machine, you need to take proper care of it. By adhering to the above mentioned tips, you will increase the lifespan and the effectiveness of your nebulizer compressor. You can buy these products from Smart Medical Buyer, a leading online distributor of medical equipment and supplies in India. They have a wide range of products from leading manufacturers of the medial industry. Smart Medical Buyer guarantees quality products at extremely budget friendly prices, delivered right at your door step.

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