How Can the anal warts symptoms be treated?


Well, anal warts are the type of warts that can be there and around the genitals and the anus. These warts are caused by a very common kind of virus that is known as the HPV(human papillomavirus). 

There are many people who will be unaware if they are suffering from a condition such as anal warts as there will not be any anal warts symptoms. Well, however, it is important that you diagnose anal warts or monitor them if there is not an increased number or the size. 

Well, most of the time anal warts are not directly linked with cancer. There is a  little percentage of them that are. This is why make sure you have them checked by the physician. 

Anal warts symptoms:

Well, there are many cases where the anal warts are not going to cause any kind of symptoms. When they are little and are not showing any kind of symptoms, then you might not know that you have anal warts until going for a routine doctor visit for awesome other reasons. 

When there are some anal warts symptoms, then they can include:

  • Itching
  • Bleeding
  • Mucus discharge
  • Bump in the area

If the anal warts are causing the bleeding, then they can be mistaken for hemorrhoids. Although the hemorrhoids and anal warts are very different from each other as they are going to have different causes. 

When there is bleeding on the toilet paper and even if it is a little bit, then you must be checked out by the doctor in order to get the right diagnosis as well as the treatment. Well, the anal warts symptoms are not developing for the years after being infected. This is going to make it hard to figure out whether you have been exposed to the virus or not. 

Causes of anal warts:

Well, the human papillomavirus is a kind of virus that is spread through sexual activity in person-to-person or if there is any kind of genital contact. The world health organization says there are present 100 strains of HPV and out of these 14 are linked with cancer

Well, an adult person in their life will get in touch with one strain of HPV. Well, at least 90 percent of the time, all warts are associated with the HPV 6 that cannot be treated with the vaccine, and then there are 11 that can be covered with the vaccine. 

It is also recommended that the adolescents must receive the HPV vaccine that too before engaging in sexual activity as this is the best chance for them to avoid the infection. When you are sexually active, you get infected with HPV. Even if you have had one sexual partner all your life, then also you can get infected. 

Diagnosing the anal warts symptoms:

Well, a primary care provider, a colon and a rectal surgeon, and a gynecologist are the physicians that may discover the ana warts. Well, a diagnosis of the anal warts is going to be done with the help of a visual inspection. 

What the physician is going to do is to check for the lesions that are the bumps. Sometimes when you look at the growth will be enough to figure out whether they are anal warts or not. 

Well, in that case, the treatment to remove them is going to start right away, especially when the warts are not too large or require any kind of surgery. 

Also, if there is any question about warts, such as if they are appearing to be somewhat different, then you must take a biopsy.  

A biopsy can be defined as a small chunk of tissue. It will be extracted from the wart. This will be done by looking at it under the microscope or various tests will be carried out. There are people who have less immunity because of a medical condition or the reason could be the intake of medications that weakens the immune systems

Well, it might also be the part to look internally and check the anus and the vagina in order to see if you are affected by anal warts or not. For those that are in the anus, they might use a tool that is called an anoscope. It is inserted in the anus in order to look inside to find any kind of abnormalities such as the anal warts symptoms


Anal warts must be treated with various kinds of substances. These will be applied to the skin. It can either be done by the physician in his office or in-home. Sometimes, it is also going to need surgery. 

Also, you must know that anal warts will be spreading and becoming and growing very large in size. Well, the untreated anal warts that are caused by HPV are associated with cancer and might lead to a bigger risk of anal cancer. Well, it is on the patient to decide how they want to proceed and with which treatment. Then, it can help you treat the anal warts symptoms. 

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