How To Get Rid of Large And Congested Pores in Easy Ways


Our skin is a part of our body where we do not want to make any compromises per se. The face is that part of the skin that has the most delicate tissues and the softest muscles which need to be taken regular care of and cannot be ignored. The best way of taking care of the skin should be done by following a skin care method for you.

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One of the most important parts of our skin happens to be our pores, without which, our skin cannot breathe under any circumstances. Skin pores are also the reason why you end up having acne, or blemishes and several other issues on your skin. But you might be wondering, where is our skin pores when we cannot even locate them?

What are skin pores?

Pores happen to be the small opening in our skin that relives sweat and toil in every way. These pores also happen to be connected to our hair follicles. Some people happen to have larger pores, which lead to increased number of release of sebum and oil from the skin. This is why, skin pores are important and need to be taken care of. Learn how to clear congested pores with this advice from the Skin Care Clinic.

Ways in which large and congested skin pores can be cleared immediately and without any hassle:

  • Carefully assess all your skincare products- Sometimes, the main fault that lies within us and why we cannot get rid of large pores and congested pore problems is because of the type of products we use. Several face washes and pore clearing products use salicylic acid which cleans the pores and makes the skin dry. However, this leads to the activation of the sebum glands which start to release a large amount of oil and creates several issues. Use oil based and moisture based masks and deep scrubbing washes to avoid any such issue. 
  • Cleanse your face in a proper manner- All the best types of cleansers will be able to remove all the dirt from your face and then also replace all the lost oils from the pores with the correct amount of moisture. For avoiding complete drying of the skin, use gel based face washes which will leave a considerable amount of moisture in your skin for you to stay with oil free skin. Oil accumulation is a very common issue for people has large pores on their skin.
  • Moisturize for balancing dehydration- Always ensure that you are using a proper moisturizer after you have cleaned your skin with a face wash or scrub. Several moisturizing products allow the right amount of sebum to penetrate into your skin through the pore thus saving it from complete dryness. 

Usage of clay masks- Something that most people forget is how useful clay masks can be and how they can help in reducing dryness in oily skins but also retain the right amount of sebum. Clay mask also help in pulling out all sorts of blackheads and whiteheads from the pores, which are a massive problem for people with large pores.

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