How to Upgrade Your Home to be Healthier.


Everywhere we go, we are exposed to risk. However, most of us aim to make our homes a safe sanctuary where we can minimise the hazards which are exposed to ourselves and our family (this includes pets). After the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all making a conscious effort to have a healthier home. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips to upgrade your home to be healthier.

How to Make Your Entryway Heathier.

Keeping Pollen Out:

Keeping pollen out of your home is especially important in springtime. This is because from March onwards the pollen levels increase. A great way to keep pollen out of your home is to shake off and brush you outwear, and keep baby wipes on hand to wipe your pets’ paws before they come in. Additionally, don’t hang your washing to dry outside, as this can bring pollen into the house too.

Make Sure No Outdoor Shoes Come In:

Our outdoor shoes can trail a whole host of bacteria and bugs into our home. A great way to keep the interior of your home healthy and clean is to make sure people are taking off their outdoor shoes before they come in. Keep a basket of slippers next to your front door for people to change into.

Install a Vent or Fan:

By installing a vent or fan in the hallway, then you can create a healthier space for those who live in your home and guests. Additionally, your hallway can get quite humid and musty, which is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew to spread. By adding a fan or ventilation system in your hallway, you can make the air cleaner and better.

How to Make the Kitchen Healthier:

Fix Any Caulk and Crevices:

By filling in any caulks and crevices, this is a great way to ensure that mice or insectswon’t get in the gaps and either breed or spread disease while looking for food.

Clean Your Surfaces:

It’s so important to ensure that you are regularly cleaning the surfaces in your home, as they are a breeding ground for bacteria to spread. Wipe down each surface with an anti-bacterial wipe- but make sure your spray doesn’t have too many chemicals, as this can be harmful too.

Get Rid of Cracked Chopping Boards:

After a while, chopping boards can begin to look very cracked and worse for wear. A great way to make your kitchen space cleaner is to get rid of any chopping boards that are cracked. This is because the cracks create a great space for germs to hide and spread.

How to Make the Living Room Healthier:

Add in a Plant:

By adding in a plant, perhaps a spider plant of philodendrons, you can make the living room space healthier. Not only do plants help improve the air quality and make it better, but they are also great for neutralising chemicals such as formaldehyde- which is found in furniture.

Sanitise Devices:

In the wake of Covid, it’s important to maintain your cleaning habits. The lounge is one of the most used areas in the house, which therefore means it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Ensure to regularly sanitise and wash down the things in your home, such as the TV remote or coasters.

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