Things to know about tianeptine sodium salt


What is tianeptine sodium salt? This is a drug that is used for curing anxiety and depressive episodes. Though after quite a lot of testing it has shown a lot of promise this drug is yet to be approved by the FDA. The reason for not being approved yet is because there are concerns about this drug getting misused. If you are someone who wants to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this drug, then those are mentioned below. Keep on reading to know more.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of tianeptine sodium salt. Hopefully, the provided information will be of help to you.


Here are some of the major advantages of tianeptine sodium salt.

  • This is the best option for those patients who have a bad history with depression and anxiety. Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease have benefited from using this drug and this has been clinically proven.
  • After you start using the drug, there might be some issues with appetite but it will help in getting rid of the depressive symptoms of postmenopausal women. But if you are planning to use this for getting rid of your obesity then that might be a bad idea as this doesn’t affect weight.
  • Another huge benefit of this drug is that it helps in boosting the memory and learning of a person. During a study made on this drug, it was found that it has improved the reasoning ability, commission errors and verbal memories of a person. But that’s not all as this has also prevented the invasion of cancerous cells.

Well, these are some of the advantages of this drug, now let’s move on to the disadvantages.


Here are some of the disadvantages of tianeptine sodium salt.

  • In the research, it has been found that this drug creates a feeling of euphoria and along with that, there are quite a few adverse effects too. The reason behind that is because this acts on various receptors of the brain and that also includes the opioid receptor.
  • The same study has also suggested that there are a few effects that a user will face. Some of those effects are Migraines, Excessive Sleepiness, headache, Insomnia, and light-headedness. Apart from this nausea and constipation are also some other effects of this drug.
  • The drug should not be used for a longer period as this will increase your susceptibility to this disease. It was also found that in extreme situations withdrawal and addiction are quite possible too.

In any case, a standard dosage has been recommended and taking any more of that can lead to the adverse effects that have been mentioned above. Well, these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of tianeptine sodium salt. Apart from that, there are lots of other advantages and disadvantages of the drug too. So before you go ahead and take this drug make sure that you have consulted a doctor about it.

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