Why you Keep gaining Weight and how to lose it for good?


Weight gain is sometimes caused naturally but sometimes there are many reasons behind it. It is a conception that women gain weight after marriage due to hormonal changes and due to pregnancy. But in any case the over weight problem is not accepted by the women and society, no one wants to look fat and over age. In a sense over weight ruins your personality and looks. There are a few reasons that are mostly responsible for the weight gain and along with the reasons we have also given solution.

Thyroid level

In women, the common problem is of thyroid level.The increased thyroid level may result in weight gain. Or if the level of thyroid level is imbalance like the gland is not making the enough thyroid then you have to face weight gain. There are also other issues involved like feeling weakness, cold, fatigue which will hinder in performing even daily tasks. Thyroid levels can be easily checked with a blood test which is not very expensive. If your thyroid levels are not proper then it can be solved by proper medications.

There are many thyroid related steroids for sale available on roidshop.org. One of the most common is Cytomel. It is used for the treatment of hypothyroidism. It is normally the function of thyroid gland to produce hormone. Cytomel functions by replacing and providing more thyroid hormone and eliminates its deficiency.

Less sleep or complete lack of sleep:

There are two reasons behind the weight gain due to lack of sleep, the one reason is that when you stay awake for a whole night you will feel hungry after few hours and you will eat which means more calories. And on the other hand sleeping is necessity and a natural process.By quitting it there will be hormonal changes that increase the appetite and will result in hunger. The other condition may occur where you will feel hungry even after eating much.

Solution is simple; try to sleep daily for at least 7 to 8 hours in night time. There are few remedies that can help like drinking warm milk at night, massaging oil under feet, drinking chamomile tea etc.

Irregular exercise:

If you were used to perform exercise daily, and you quit it due to any reason, it might also be the reason you are gaining weight. Because the routine is disturbed and body was used to the exercise, it not only makes you feel lazy but also affects your health. You have to maintain your exercise in a regular manner.

The best way to do is by joining the gym again. Start with cardio exercises and after a week, add strength training to your routine. Cardio exercises help in losing body fat and strength training exercises tightens it. You must exercise five days a week. Your body need rest as well and in two it heals itself. Too much exertion on the body can cause negative effects.

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