Treat Crow’s Feet at Reputed Botox Chevy Chase MD Clinics


If you suffer from the woes of crow’s feet, you should visit a good Botox clinic and reduce them with experts. Botox injections can help you with crow’s feet, and the procedure is an outpatient one where you do not have to stay over in the clinic. If you closely examine crow’s feet, they are wrinkles on your face that look like fans. They generally develop on the outside corners of your eye, and they are quite challenging to be treated with home remedies.

How can credible Botox Chevy Chase MD clinics help you?

Botox treatments are very effective for crow’s feet; however, there are specific factors that you should consider before you decide to take them. The costs, the frequency, and the risks associated with the treatment are some of the factors that you should discuss with doctors from Botox Chevy Chase MD clinics.

Know how Botox work

Botox relaxes your muscles, and it is used for many medical reasons, also like eye twitching and problems like excessive perspiration. The treatment is administered to you in the form of an injection that stops the nerve signals from reaching the facial muscles to control contractions.

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When you use Botox for the treatment of Crow’s Feet, the muscles that surround the corners of the eye are relaxed, and this, in turn, evens out the skin to make it smooth. You often find crow’s feet at the corners of your eye, especially while laughing.

What happens during the Botox treatment- what should you expect?

The doctor will use a fine needle to inject the Botox directly around your eyes to treat Crow’s Feet. Your doctor will first numb the corners of your eye with ice so that you are able to tolerate the shots. Once this area becomes numb, your doctor will administer the injection. The procedure only takes a few minutes as Crow’s Feet covers just a small portion of the face.

Now, if you combine other treatment methods along with your Botox injections, you might have to spend some more time at the clinic. Often people choose to have laser treatments with their Botox injections for addressing Crow’s Feet.

How much of Botox shots do you need?

Your doctor will determine the number of Botox shots you need when it comes to the treatment of Crow’s Feet. Botox will be administered to you in units, and most clinics recommend a dose of 10 units for treating Crow’s Feet and wrinkles around the eyes.

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Experts at Botox Chevy Chase MD clinics state you will not notice immediate effects right after the procedure; however, you should consult your doctor immediately if you face side effects or any kind of discomfort. It takes a days for you to actually see the difference. You need to take regular Botox shots from time to time to keep your eye wrinkles away. Consult your doctor and follow up with your sessions so that the area surrounding your eyes look smooth. In this way, you can keep age away and boost your self-confidence when it comes to your facial appearance with success!

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