Ways to stay positive during IVF treatment.


IVF is one of the best ways to get pregnant if you are having a problem conceiving. Though IVF helps most couples in improving their chances of conception, it’s not a guarantee to produce the results at a certain time as there can be a lot of waiting involved in the procedure. The whole process is challenging and emotional, and when pregnancy doesn’t happen straight away, it can be stressful. However, becoming stressed can both affect your fertility and the outcome of fertility treatment. So, staying positive during the IVF procedure is a must. One should know that there is no magic solution to stay calm, and the feelings of no two women are going to be the same. Here are a few ways that you can try to stay positive during IVF treatment in Chennai:

  1. Meditation – Meditation is an ancient practice that can be done anywhere and at any time. It immediately makes your mind silent and calm. You need to sit in a quiet room, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You should try not to think about the success of IVF treatment. Allowing your mind to return to a state of calmness can improve your outlook during the IVF process.
  2. Have realistic expectations –Some women can get pregnant in the first cycle of IVF, while there are others who fail to do so, which doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. It is likely that you will become pregnant in the next IVF cycle. Some women may take little more time to conceive, especially when they are older than 40 years. However, research suggests that if a woman keeps on going for IVF, her chances of getting pregnant increase.
  3. Don’t let IVF consume you – Even if you are unable to get pregnant, keep having fun and maintain a good sexual relationship with your partner. It’s important to enjoy your life; otherwise, you will keep thinking that you are not pregnant yet, which will keep the IVF process keep going. Don’t overthink the process, and if you are not pregnant after a few IVF processes, sit down with your partner and doctor from the IVF centreand discuss what needs to be changed. However, it’s more likely that you will conceive in two or three cycles, and by enjoying your life, you will avoid the unnecessary anxiety and end up with a cute-looking baby.
  4. Be positive – Remember that even the couple with no fertility issue cannot get pregnant in one month. So don’t get anxious if things don’t go your way in the first cycle. IVF was not even an option a few years back, and we are lucky to have it today!

Pretending that you don’t have any concerns is a bad idea. Its always advised communicating your fears with your partner and doctor – whether it’s related to IVF treatment cost or success of IVF. Visit the best IVF centre in India to get the quick result.

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