Best Glass Jars to Store Your Weed


When it comes to storing marijuana, compliance packaging is the way to go as it keeps the bud fresh, visible and aligns with Health Canada’s storage standards. Moreover, it keeps the rich aromatic flavour locked in, ensuring that you always get the spicy-woody weed goodness.

Following the proper storage protocol is not only advisable for those who keep a large stash of cannabis but also for people who possess a smaller supply of the psychoactive herb.

In compliance storage, there are multiple methods that a person can employ to stow away their marijuana reserve; however, using glass weed jars is perhaps the most feasible for smaller quantities. To help you choose the right container for your weed, here is a list of the best cannabis storage jars for you.

Medlock’s Child Resistant Glass Jars

Keeping weed in the house can be troublesome if you have kids. You can never be carefree with pot in the house because you never know when your little one will get their hands on your cannabis stash. Let’s be honest; no hiding place is good enough these days; the mischievous little fellows know their way around the house and can get to even the most concealed places.

While you might not be able to come up with a foolproof, impenetrable nook in the house for safe-keeping, you can get a child-resistant glass jar to keep your weed secure. As strange as it may sound to your ears, child-proof containers are a thing when it comes to storing weed, and Medlock is a champion of those.

Our Child Resistant Glass Jars are no ordinary products; they are made with BPA-free glass that’s also UV-resistant. Storing pot for a long time requires keeping UV rays from reaching the plant, so if you wish to keep your cannabis soft and garden-fresh, you should consider investing in one of Medlock’s Child Resistant Glass Jars. Available in different volume capacities, these storage containers are locally made in accordance with Canada’s health standards and governmental policies.

That’s not all; Medlock Child Resistant Glass jars are durable, airtight, odour-proof and leak-free cannabis storage containers with wide openings that will hold your weed stash for as long as you need. You also don’t need to worry about mould infestation because these bottles are made to keep the moisture out, keeping the humidity levels under control.

Here are all the different sizes that you can get in our child-resistant glass jars

Fill Capacity Neck Size Thread Diameter Height
20DR 53 mm 400 55 mm 40 mm
40DR 53 mm 400 55 mm 54 mm
50DR 53 mm 400 55 mm 68 mm

So what are you waiting for? Head on to our products catalogue and get your hands on any of our glass jars for your pot.

Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Glass Bottles

Glass is an excellent alternative to PET plastic for stashing weed. We have designed our glass bottles keeping that in mind. What this means is that our glass weed vessels are not like any other ordinary transparent container; they are premium quality storage units that promise to keep your green buds fresh. All of our glass containers are the same in that regard, i.e. their high quality, but they might differ in style.

Medlock’s Tamper Evident Glass Bottles are designed to store smaller quantities, perfect for separating doses for everyday use. Made with BPA-free glass, our tamper glass bottles are smell-proof, leak-proof hermetic containers ideal for keeping cannabis fresh.

One feature that makes this product much more appealing is the provision to insert a pipette in your weed vial. It’s a great solution for preserving cannabis oil or marijuana shots.

Like the glass jars described above, Medlock’s Tamper Glass Bottles also come in different sizes with different holding capacities. Here is a chart of the four product options.

Fill Capacity Neck Size Thread Diameter Height
15 ml 18 mm 415 29 mm 65 mm
30 ml 18 mm 415 33 mm 79 mm
50 ml 18 mm 415 37 mm 92 mm
100 ml 18 mm 415 44 mm 112 mm

If you are looking for the best handy, easy-to-carry cannabis holders for your weed reserves, our Child Resistant Tamper Evident Glass Bottles are the solution for you!

The Takeaway

Ever since the Canadian government legalized cannabis, the need for high-quality vessels and vials has increased. That is why we have designed top-notch weed holders certified by the country’s health and drug authority.

As the leading cannabis packaging company in the Great White North, Medlock has the best products that offer maximum convenience to the customer. If you want to ensure that you are stashing your weed right, you should invest in one of our glass cannabis-holding bottles. And for those who don’t want to own glass units, we have an entire plastic container selection for them.

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