What are the Top Benefits of Uterus Removal


Hysterectomy or uterus removal is a surgical procedure. Your gynaecologist will recommend it only after all other treatments for your issue have failed. The most common cause for a gynaecologist in Hyderabad to recommend it is cancer. Other reasons include painful and uncontrollable menstrual bleeding, uterine prolapse, fibroids, uterine lining abnormalities, pelvic inflammatory disease, and delivery complications. However, you can choose to have a hysterectomy voluntarily considering local jurisdiction.

Types of Hysterectomy

An experienced gynaecologist in Hyderabad would recommend one of the following, depending on the case:

Partial Hysterectomy

Only a portion of the uterus will be removed in a partial hysterectomy. The ovaries, cervix, or fallopian tubes are left intact. It is to get rid of a localised cancer or infection.

Total Hysterectomy

The uterus is completely removed along with the cervix (opening to the uterus) but all other organs are left intact. It helps in removing cancers, to prevent cancer growth, and to manage uterine prolapse.

Radical Hysterectomy and Salpingo-Oophorectomy

Ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, upper vaginal portion, surrounding lymphatic nodes, or tissues, any affected reproductive organ may be removed along with the uterus. This is the most invasive procedure and may even require hormone therapy post-treatment. This surgery cures cases of aggressive cancer or a too-spread-out PID.

Benefits of Uterus Removal

Uterus removal surgery, when carried out by an experienced gynaecologist has the following benefits for the patient:

  1. Elimination of painful and heavy periods
  2. Removal of cancerous tissue
  3. Prevention of Cancer
  4. Relief from chronic pelvic pain
  5. Restoration of painless sex-life
  6. Elimination of infections
  7. Removal of uterine abnormalities.
  8. Relief from difficulty in bowel movements and urination problems (in case of the prolapsed uterus).

Hysterectomy has proven helpful in cases of migraine episodes around periods and prevention of reproductive cancer in women with breast cancer.

Bodily Changes after Uterus Removal

As with any organ removal, uterus removal too takes you down for 2-6 weeks. Leading gynaecologists in Hyderabad advise abstaining from sexual activity during recovery. In case of removal of ovaries or fallopian tubes, the patient may experience a lack of sex drive or mood swings which can be taken care of with some hormone supplementation.

Women who have to go through uterus removal right after giving birth, need to remember that breast milk production is not interrupted by it. In case of feeding difficulties, they can check with their gynaecologist. When sure that there is no hormonal trigger, which most certainly will be the case, a quick web search about “pediatrician near me” will be helpful.

Hysterectomy is a procedure that should always be considered after consulting a reputed gynaecologist only. Proper rest and post-procedure care help patients restore normal life functions within a few weeks.

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