What Exactly Is a Psychedelic Retreat?


A psychedelic retreatutilizes various plant medicines for optimal healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Ayahuasca and San Pedro/Wachuma are among the plants that can be used, and they have been used to heal the Amazonian natives for centuries. When it comes to Western herbal medicine, Psilocybin, more commonly known as magic mushrooms, is the go-to choice. People congregate in reverence of the plant to ask for healing and begin their healing journey.

How Long Does a Retreat Last?

Depending on the group’s goals, a retreat can last from two nights to two weeks. Some indigenous retreats can last up to a month.

What is involved in a DMT retreat ?

There is no alcoholic beverage to be found here. Every night may feature a different ceremony, depending on what the lead shaman chooses, and how much time they have available to devote to it. These ‘ceremonies’ are seen as highly ceremonial and offera very spiritual experiencewhen led by the right people.

Rest, sleep, sharing circles, and prayer/song are common activities on an Ayahuasca retreat. After drinking or eating a plant, the group will go into deep meditation until the medicine begins to take effect.

Channels are opened and created in areas of the brain that are normally dormant. The ‘journey’ or ‘trip’ or psychedelic experience begins at this point. I prefer the term “ceremony” because it does not put them in the same category as those who use drugs to get high. Because the rituals are deeply personal, each person will have a unique range of emotions and physical responses. It is common for shamanic gatherings to take place in a circle, in the dark, in a safe environment blessed by the shaman. They are obligated as healers to provide a safe environment for their clients.

Psychedelic retreats are not regulated, and there are no official statistics on the number of retreats around the world, and due to regulations, many are held illegally. It is estimated that the Netherlands alone has a dozen or so legal psychedelic retreats.

The therapeutic effects of magic mushrooms on severe depression have been the subject of numerous studies since a ground-breaking study conducted by Imperial College in 2016 sparked this trend. “Breakthrough therapy” is the term used by the Food and Drug Administration for therapy combined with thispsychedelic substance. A UK based organization called Compass Pathways is working on this, and they are hoping it will be ready for commercialization in five years.

Despite the widespread illegality of psychedelics, the trend of micro-dosing psychedelics is becoming a lot more mainstream. 5-MeO- DMT retreats in Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Peru, and the Netherlands are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to receive higher doses of DMT in a safe environment.

At a psychedelic retreat, most people have many wonderful experiences. They connectiwith amazing people, and have life-changing experiences full of breathtaking sights and deep, meaningful insights. People say they haven’t had any truly negative experiences. The  worst experiences were challenging, but not terrifying.

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