Why Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening?


Everyone wants a whiter smile, and there are numerous methods for achieving this goal. While the options can be overwhelming, there are two main teeth whitening treatments: professional, in-office bleaching, and over-the-counter whitening. Regardless of the method you use to whiten your teeth, and both peroxide-based bleaching agents are available.

At-home teeth whitening products can produce a decent result for some people. Still, professional teeth whitening has numerous advantages, and there are significant health risks associated with at-home teeth whitening products

Consider consulting with your dentist before deciding whether to use at-home or professional, in-office teeth whitening. When an at-home teeth whitening kit does not provide efficient results, the patients may be tempted to leave the solution on their teeth longer than necessary. As a result, this can lead to dental issues and less-than-ideal aesthetic outcomes.

At-home teeth whitening takes much longer than professional teeth whitening. Patients can be expected to spend 30 to 60 minutes in the dentist’s chair to get teeth that will be three to seven shades whiter. Still, some dentists can use specialized techniques that require only one two-hour visit. Heat, light, or both of these, can be used in addition to the stronger peroxide solution used in dental offices to accelerate and enhance the whitening results of professional treatment.

You can also purchase a teeth whitening kit online. According to common sense, if teeth whitening is done at home, it will not be as safe as teeth whitening done in a dental clinic by a professional. Because patients don’t always know exactly what they’re doing or how the treatment works, they risk damaging their teeth when using at-home teeth whitening treatments.

You can expect your dentist to examine your teeth to ensure they’re healthy and ready for the whitening procedure. Your teeth will be cleaned, and any cavities that may be present will be filled while you are having them whitened at the dentist. Professionals can avoid damaging the teeth while still producing impressive and long-lasting results, so treatment is completely painless.

Carbamide or hydrogen peroxide are used in higher concentrations in in-office treatments than in most at-home whitening kits. It’s not uncommon for strips to contain only 6% hydrogen peroxide. Home trays account for 22% of total consumption. Unlike over-the-counter products, professional dental whitening solutions use 35 percent peroxide. Still, this higher percentage can be further enhanced by other tools such as heat and light.

To ensure that their stains are treated with care, and the final results fully repair the problem, patients who have specific teeth with noticeable stains should carefully consider going to a professional. Patients can worsen their condition by using an at-home kit. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening systems are created to deal with precisely these problems.

Last but not least, because a dental professional performs professional teeth whitening, you, the patient, can sit back and relax throughout the experience. You’ll walk out of the dentist’s office with gleaming white teeth at the end of your appointment.

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