Is It Safe To Delay Your Period


Many women who are suffering from dysmenorrhea every month likely desire to stop their menstruation once in a while. Even if it is inevitable, they sometimes want it because of the pain they are suffering from it every month. Surely, many women can relate to that statement. As proof, there are many articles and shared information online that tackle how to ease the pain during a period. Much of this information said that it is safe to take over-the-counter medication to simply get away from the pain. Some were believing in the natural way of handling it. But whatever it is, it simply shows that many women are suffering from pain during their menstruation. That’s why many of them want to sometimes stop their menstruation for various personal reasons.

One of the reasons why many women want to stop their menstruation once in a while is when they will be needing to attend some occasions or parties that are important to them. Of course, they are not to be in pain while they are enjoying their time. It is like the pain is taking away the fun they are supposedly experiencing. But do not worry because there are modern solutions in these times. Yes, it is indeed true that there are ways found in this modern era on how to stop a period in a short time. But knowing this can somehow make someone become bothered if it is safe.

Is it really safe to delay someone’s period?

If anyone will search this information online, there will be various articles that will surely pop up. Some were true but most of them were not. At Dr. Felix, they got the modern way in helping every woman how to safely delay their period. It’s a solution that was already proven and tested, which made it really in demand today.

How to safely delay a period?

The best way to delay a period today is to take period delay tablets. The very known norethisterone can surely help women who want to safely do it. It is a table that has the ability to be a synthetic version of progesterone, which is the hormone for women. Once the progesterone level of a woman is high, it will prevent her from having her monthly menstrual period. They will just need to take it at least three (3) days before their due period. Then, they will need to continue taking the said tablets for the next 20 days. But if a woman wants to resume her monthly period already, she only needs to stop taking the said synthetic progesterone.

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For those who are asking how they can buy the said tablets, anyone can find it online. At Dr. Felix, they have the said period delay tablets. Simply contact them found on their website. Aside from that, every woman who desires to deeply understand it more can also have an online consultation about the matter. In this way, they can be at ease on their plan to take the tablets. For the first-timers, surely they have fear, which can only be relieved through consulting with professionals.

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